Process of Photography works

As for the photographic process for this project, I always start by confirming the location of each house foundation based on the residential map.  As soon as the spot is confirmed, I hold a camera at my eye level, then take photographs of the ground walking around the housing foundation or a residential street devastated by tsunami and radiation taking one step after the other.  Then I compose about 1000  to 2000 fragmented pictures into one image to visualize the track of walking.  This process explores the intersection of the senses by tracing the daily movements of the people who had formerly inhabited the residences. 

MICHI (Unknown Road), 2014, digital photograph, tarpaulin fabric, 232.2 x 55.1inches (590 x 140 cm), 

Michi is a Japanese word that means both ‘a road’ and ‘an unknown land'.  MICHI ( Unknown Road) is a photography I took of road located in the residential area in Namie town, inside the zone in preparation for the lifting of the evacuation order at that time in 2013.  It is a work in which I invite audiences to walk on the road in order to imagine the traffic in the past and its future,and, thus, the work will be completed by their experience.

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