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Upcycle Uplift- one pocket at a time, 2021-2023,

used clothes, wooden plate clothes tags, clothes hangers, fishing line, photograph, video, paper, dimensions variable

installation view, thesis exhibition at Queens College,2023

QRtiger-2 copy.jpg

“Upcycle Uplift- One Pocket at a Time” is a platform and art project for imagining alternative pathways that combine recycling issues with the voices of marginal people, and the narratives, ideals, and fantasies of fashion design. This project consists of four elements: interviews, clothes making, fittings, and workshops By creating new designs for clothing, “Upcycle Uplift” seeks to blur the boundaries and hierarchies between art and fashion, art, and everyday life, and explore the social impact, public value, and the possibilities of art. The project highlights forms of power that take up small, personal works rather than the mass-produced works of capitalist, consumer-based societies.

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