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Terra-Tory, 2019-2021 on going, dimension varies, paper, crayon 

Terra-Tory is influenced from conservative global and regional politics and economics. This is  a play on the word " Territory". Terra representing earth and Tory representing conservative politics and econoimcs, influences on a nations borders and its people. "Tory", the word was used of Irish peasants dispossessed by English settlers. Dispossessed peoples still continues to this day. I came up with this idea from the words of the victims in Fukushima, ”we are refugee in Japan, because we lost everything due to post-disaster government policy". We see those nations of power seeking and maintainging control of natural resources and economies and influencing/dictating the governance of sovereign nations. The consequences of this control are causing people to migrate and the borders of nations to morph.

Terra-Tory (drawing series) is based on the photos that are distributed on the internet with the words “refugee” and “immigration” as keywords, focused on immigrants going to the American and Mexican borders. I chose people's figures from these photographs; drawing the figures in isolation, erasing the backgrounds. By creating a large blank area around the people, the observer is left to imagine and create the settings. 

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