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Mothers’ daily schedule (Miya Onsen), 2023, transparent film, acrylic plate, metal fitting, dimensions variable, installation view at Miya Onsen Art Project, Japan

Mothers' Daily Schedule” is composed of colors by applying the daily housework schedule of mothers with children to a grid one letter at a time. This work begins with a collection of mothers' daily schedules. The cover and right page are one of the series "Mothers’ Daily Schedule (Miya Onsen)", which was produced with the cooperation of 16 mothers with children who live near the Miya area in Gamagori City in Japan. The schedules of the 5 mothers were displayed in the window, and the schedules of the remaining 11 mothers were displayed in such a way that they could be read in the shadows by carving letters on a transparent acrylic plate. To provoke thought in an extended way about the subject matter and objects, I position myself as both an artist and an intermediator, becoming a conduit for the experience of others, creating intertwined relationships between intermediates, artists, and art forms.

It is also a response from the feminist side, inspired by the work of Alighiero Boetti. Appropriately using the colors of Alighiero Boetti's work, which was produced in colors selected from the sensibilities of Afghan women in the 1980s, and combined with the" Mothers' Daily Schedule" for 2023, the emotions felt from the colors, the past and the present will be interwoven. Creating the process of transitions from a receptive visual experience to a tangible experience for the audience. Marx distinguished domestic labor from productive labor, and the philosopher Ivan Ilyich named it” shadow work,” but domestic labor sustains society. I shed light on domestic labor to critically interpret society.

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