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MFA, Social Practice, Queens College, NY, 2023

MFA in Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan, 1995

BFA in Oil Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan, 1993



2023 Upcycle Uplift- One pocket at a time, Thesis exhibition at Queens College, NY

2016 VOID, Base Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2012 Aerial, Base Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2008 Flying, Base Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2005 Flying, Oculorium Gallery at California Museum of Photography, California

2004 Flying, Kuspace, Wien 

2001 Gravity, SAISON Art Program Education Grant / SAP Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 



2024 UnHomless NYC, Hudson Guild, NY

2023 Becoming Unbound, QC/MFA/2022, Cultural Lab LIC, NY

2023 Mothers’ Daily Schedule (Miya Onsen), Miya Onsen Art Project, Aichi, Japan

2022 UnHomless NYC , Kingsborogh Art Museum, Kingsborogh Community College, NY

2022 Non-Linenar, QC/MFA/2022, Cultural Lab LIC, NY

2020 Exodus V: Aesthetics in the Political, WhiteBox, NY, USA

2020 Good Trouble, WhiteBox, NY, USA

2019 Mapping Life, The Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery, New Jersy City University, NJ

2018 New Planet Photo City- William Klein and Photographers Living in the 22nd Century

------21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo, Japan

2014 Mother/Land, Kurumaya Museum, Oyama City, Japan 

2011 Art Today 2011, Sezon Museum Modern Art, Tokyo 

2009 Domani 2009, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

2008 Art Chicago, Chicago, USA

2005 Holiday Show, Exit Art, NY, USA

2003 Healing The Environment, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, USA

2000 Vertigo Room, IT Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


2023 Mothers’ Daily Schedule- Miya Onsen, Miya Onsen Art Project, Aichi, Japan

2021 UnHomeless NYC, Kingsborough Art Museum, NY

2015-2018 Memories of Life, Hama-dori, Naka-dori & Aidu Tri- Regional Cultural  Cooperation Project in -------FUKUSHIMA, Japan

2013-2015 Memories of Life Minamisoma, Hama-dori, Naka-dori & Aidu Tri-Regional Cultural  

-------Cooperation Project in FUKUSHIMA, Japan



D.A. Consortium Inc., Japan, 

Fidelity Worldwide Investment, London, 


Fukushima Museum, Japan 



​2023  The Thomas Chen Family Crystal Window's Asian Art Scholarship

2023 Liu Shiming Art Foundation

2022 The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

2022 Mellon/ACLS (partially supported)

2013-2018 The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan 

2015 Nomura Foundation

2014 The Asahi Shimbun Foundation

2007 IRCA Internationa; Research Center for The Arts 

2004-2006 The grant of the Japanese Government Overseas Program for Contemporary Artists 

2003 The Grant for the Pola Art Foundation Overseas Program for Contemporary Artists 

2000 SAISON Art Program Education Grant 


2022 Workshop, Kingsborough Community College

2022 Workshop, Kingsborough Community College (zoom)

2022 Lecture/Presentation, Tokyo University of the Arts (zoom)

2018 Lecture/Presentation, Tokyo University of the Arts


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Frieze, April 2022

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Anthony Hadenguest, “Keep The Box In Harlem” is the title of the benefit Auction that will 

begin a twelve-day run on December 7,” White Hot Magazine, February 2021

Michi Suazo, “Mapping Life Exhibit, ” The Gothic Times, November 20, 2019

Naoko Kubota, “Real of the changing town 'Photo City Exhibition,” The Nikkei, Japan, 2018

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Katharine Locan,“ Growing Pains,” Green Source, September/ October, 2013

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Forum, Camera Austria, 91/2005

Janet Koplos, “Sunrise, Sunset?,” Art in America, April 1999

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