©2018 Sachigusa Yasuda

Memories of Lives, 2015〜 ongoing, paper, pen, crayon, photograph, text, video, size variable

“Memories of Lives” is based on interviews of former residents from the homes of MICHI ‘Unknown Place’.  I collected pieces of their memories through video  interviews and personal sketches of plans of their former and current homes.  Their personal stories, which recreated the essence of their towns, homes and livelihood, were revealed in this process; with the magnitude of 3/11 and it’s aftermath, the residents had only previously kept their stories silent.  MICHI gives them a voice and their towns a history not to be forgotten.

©2018 Sachigusa Yasuda

​3,5,7 years later, 2014,2016,2018, copy of newspapers in Japan, U.S.A and France, magnets, size variable,

I collected newspapers published all over Japan and overseas since March 11,2011.  We can know how each area recognizes an event of March 11th, 2011 by collecting newspapers in a wide range.  Odd numbers in Japanese culture have a prominence.  I use 3, 5, 7, the number of years post Great East Japan earthquake, for collecting newspapers.  Odd numbers are not divisible and are considered lucky numbers.  The surface of the newspaper, damaged, is representative of the aftermath of March 11 when it snowed. 

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