“Aerial” and “Flying” are in the same series of urban landscape that recall Babel.   Watching a metropolis from a high vantage point, I imagine that there are clusters of people with a cacophony of sounds and movement represented by each building structure.  I am surprised by the density and feel ambivalent, overcome by dizziness, disparity and exhilaration at same time.  Using more than 3000 pictures, following unconscious body and eye movements to look at landscapes, I produce a map, a landscape assemblage.  The void in the center of the photograph suggests a loss of self in contemporary society.  I am also inspired by Maruyama Okyo, a Japanese painter of the Edo period, specifically his 'Landscape of Yodo River' (1765), a scene as if conjured by a mental memory.


360 degree #1, 2011, digital c-print, 50.6 x 47.2 inches (128.7 x 120 cm)

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