Bounds, 2019- 2020, dimensions variable, digital photography, embroidery thread 

The sources of inspiration for Bounds are from news footage of human migration (original color, converted into black and white) and my daily experience in East Harlem, where I have been residing since 2010. When converting color footage into black and white, it also takes away the original energy contained in the images. Color has been a subject of study since Delacroix’ color theory that it can evoke in human beings, emotion and energy. Color thus can speak to people’s subconscious mind. In Bounds, although I removed color from the news footage, I reintroduces it by connecting the black and white images, using the strands of color threads, binding them to the clothes and belongings of the people in photography that becomes a tapestry of their collective experiences and identities. 

When I was researching immigrants, I learned that one of the typical jobs in the United States was as a worker on a construction site. Therefore, I utilized the blue tape used at the construction site to model the shape of a typical American house, imagining that they have a desire to support their family and have a home of their own in America.

Technically, I eliminate the boundaries between photography and painting, sculpture and craft, opening up a new field of expression.